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  1. Thank you for these. I think the black and white photos are of the east side of the High Street. The top photo looks towards the market place with Allick’s fruit and veg shop on the corner and then across to King’s Road. The bottom one looks towards Smeaton Street. You can just make out Tunnell’s newsagents on Smeaton Street between the lorry and the bus.

  2. 2 photos are the high street the one with the bus is kings road. The high street photos will have been taken before the houses behind the bus. Kings road ended before the market place and high street other side.

  3. 3 photos on here 2 are of the High street the one with the bus is kings road. Kings road was one end of market place and High street the other. The one with the bus is after the high street was knocked down you can see the new houses.

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