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  1. I attended here as an infant and junior 1953 – 1959, until passing the eleven plus to go on to Middlesbrough Boy`s High School. I spent many a “playtime” swinging around the support posts in the playground. Mostly happy memories.

  2. I attended here the same years as Ian Cromack. I lived directly across the road from the School.

  3. I have been searching for a photo for ages of Marton road school. I attended briefly at infants at age 5-6 and returned at age 15 for a Hamilton saturday morning guitar course !

  4. I attended here as a junior and senior from 1948 till 1958 great school played foot ball for them through the juniors and to senior level great school.

  5. I went through primary 1954 into seniors 1960. In 1963’ish Teesside Poly took over and I went to Brackenhoe for my final year. Teachers – Mr Hough Head master, Mrs Batty (music),
    Colligan ( who also came to Brackenhoe) Mr Donaldson (who became Chairman of the Teessde Magistrates Bench.
    Kids in my class Peter Burton, Lesley Bagley, Graham Laws ( my best man in 1970) Pat Wood Cathrine Cornwell, Marina Smith.

  6. Does anyone remember Don Masson at Manton School from 1958-62? He went on to play football for Middlesbrough and later captained Scotland.

    • I remember Don coming to Middlesbrough and attending Marton Road when his family came down from Scotland. He was in the same year as my older brother Keith, they both went on to play football for Boro Boys then Boro Juniors along with the Goalie Dennis Woodhouse. Don also played pro for QPR and Notts County.

  7. I attended both the infant and junior schools in the late 60’s. Mrs Anderson was the headmistress. My tutor was Mr Appleton and I remember Mr Mazza. My Nana Mrs Helen Petch was head cook. I lived on Wellesley Rd

    • I was born in 62, and attended both infants and juniors at Marton Road. I recall all the names you mentioned as well as Mr Bragg. My late mother Dorothy Chantrell was assistant cook and probably worked with your nan. We lived in Beech Street.

  8. I attended Marton Road Infant and Junior School from 1947 – 1953 before going on to Middlesbrough Girls High School. I’ve been trying to remember the names of the Headteacher and other members of staff from that period. Any help please!

  9. Headmaster 1961 Mr Hughf I believe he had taught previously at Stainsby school.

    other teachers- Mr shippey, Mr Donaldson

  10. My parents lived in Russell street, Middlesborough before emigrating to Southern Rhodesia in late 1949.
    I attended Marton Road school probably around 1947 to 1949. I only returned from Africa to the UK in 2020.

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