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  1. I attended here as an infant and junior 1953 – 1959, until passing the eleven plus to go on to Middlesbrough Boy`s High School. I spent many a “playtime” swinging around the support posts in the playground. Mostly happy memories.

  2. I have been searching for a photo for ages of Marton road school. I attended briefly at infants at age 5-6 and returned at age 15 for a Hamilton saturday morning guitar course !

  3. I attended here as a junior and senior from 1948 till 1958 great school played foot ball for them through the juniors and to senior level great school.

  4. I went through primary 1954 into seniors 1960. In 1963’ish Teesside Poly took over and I went to Brackenhoe for my final year. Teachers – Mr Hough Head master, Mrs Batty (music),
    Colligan ( who also came to Brackenhoe) Mr Donaldson (who became Chairman of the Teessde Magistrates Bench.
    Kids in my class Peter Burton, Lesley Bagley, Graham Laws ( my best man in 1970) Pat Wood Cathrine Cornwell, Marina Smith.

  5. Does anyone remember Don Masson at Manton School from 1958-62? He went on to play football for Middlesbrough and later captained Scotland.

  6. I attended both the infant and junior schools in the late 60’s. Mrs Anderson was the headmistress. My tutor was Mr Appleton and I remember Mr Mazza. My Nana Mrs Helen Petch was head cook. I lived on Wellesley Rd

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