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  1. I attended this school in the 1960’s. Is it heritage listed? It was quite an imposing building back then.

    • Yes Suzanne, I also went to the junior school in the 1960s and remember sitting on wooden seats and tables that were all attached. You had to lift the seat up and down to get past the other desks. For the life of me I cannot recall too much from that school, at the time I was told I was too timid and shy and needed to come out of my shell.

  2. I’ve just found a certificate of merit my dad got at the infants school April 1937. For cleanliness, punctuality and attendance! The strap line is “where there’s dirt there’s danger”.

  3. I was a pupil at Victoria Rd from 1952 to 1957, starting in the infants with Miss Woodhouse and then the Juniors with Mr Mc Queen, a really good teacher. The Head was Mr Slater who had a curious depression on the top of his head.
    I lived on the corner of Shakespeare St and Ulla Street. My Dad and Mum ran a corner shop there. (now long since demolished along with all of Shakespeare St . We moved to Kent in 1957 but I have been back many times and am still a life long supporter of The Boro.

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