Grave of Moses Carpenter, Linthorpe Cemetery (undated)

This photo is of a grave in Linthorpe Cemetery, where Moses Carpenter is buried. He died while serving in the North Riding Infirmary on August 15th 1889.

Grave Of Moses Carpenter, Linthorpe Cemetery


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  1. This gentleman must have been highly respected to have a headstone such as this. I would be pleased to learn of his role at the hospital and any details of his career and background.

  2. Just looked up information on Moses, apparently he was a visiting Mohawk Indian and part of the entourage of a “medicine man” selling cures for ailments. He died in the Infirmary in 1889 of pneumonia and had such a profound effect on the locals that his funeral was greatly attended. His employer paid for the headstone, which has been restored. I am unsure where this is at present, but it could be in either Linthorpe or Acklam cemetery. An interesting story indeed.

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