Yafano Family Photographs

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Grandmother Sarah Yafano (née Chaplin) with daughter, Maria Louise Yafano 1937

Photos courtesy of Sarah McMillan

This photograph was taken down by the old Middlesbrough docks. These gentlemen are relatives of Giovanni Yafano. The family originated from Southern Italy

St Patrick’s Girls’ School, Middlesbrough. Back row, 4th from left, Julia Yafano 1951

This is the Yafano family in 2008.

From left to right:     Auntie Christine Robinson (née Yafano) (the lady with the ballerina wedding dress).

Auntie Anne Steele (née Yafano), one of the triplets;

Uncle John Yafano, one of the triplets;

Auntie Angela Dillan (née Yafano), wearing the red blouse. One of the triplets.

Maria McMillan (née Yafano), Sarah McMillan’s mother.

Auntie Julia Yafano sitting in the wheelchair. Auntie Julia was in the St Patrick’s Girls’ School photograph

Back row, second on the right: Great-Great-Uncle Georgio Minchella (known as George).

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