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  1. Baptised here and served as an alter boy till I was 15, that would be the year England won the world cup !!! My father would go at all hours and even if no other alter boys turned up he would assist the priest.

  2. My birth mother took me to this church when I was 2 weeks old and handed me over to the priests to be passed on to Nazareth House. Luckily I was adopted and saved from the horrible nuns there!

  3. Went to Saint Patricks school on Marsh Road. I was baptised and had my first holy comnunion here. Loved going into the church.

  4. My husband and I were married at “the Pats” on 19th February 2000. We were the penultimate wedding before it closed. We have a brick at home from the building as a memento X

  5. Left St pats in 1957. Can remember every name in penultimate year.badger Mills.john Curtis.dave mcgough.Petet wiles.Con Burke.jimmy Loughton.David Heaney to name a few. No drugs. Wholesome school dinners. Fights on the common after school. Remembering the priests robe colours to confirm to the teachers you had been to mass on a Sunday. Not forgetting the tuppence school money. Really halcyon days.We had nothing but really we had everything but never knew it at the time

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