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  1. Thank you Margaret.

    From the site of where McDonald’s now is at the top of Marton Road, in this view we’re looking north up Sealey Street towards the cranes at Middlesbrough Dock and the Transporter Bridge beyond. If we could turn to our left we’d be looking across to Marton Road with a view straight up Corporation Road. Behind us just a little way would be St John’s Church at the top of North Ormesby Road.

    Cutting across this view is Cargo Fleet Road, this short run of which still survives even though all the buildings were demolished by the early 1970s. The next right is France Street with an already cleared Hunter Street on the left. The terrace of houses leading off to the left in the distance is on Blake Street.

    I remember that apart from a few large advertising hoardings this area was pretty much empty for decades until they built the Middlesbrough Leisure Park that today contains Cineworld, DW Fitness and Nando’s.

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