Miss Agnes Nicholls (undated)

Here are two undated photographs of Miss Agnes Nicholls.

Miss Nicholls was born in Cheltenham on 14 July 1876.  She was said to be one of the greatest English sopranos of the 20th century.  In 1904 she married conductor Hamilton Hardy.  When he was knighted in 1925 Miss Nicholls became Lady Hardy.  Lady Hardy died on 21 September 1959 in London aged 82 years.

The photograph below was taken by J Beagles & Company, London

Agnes Nicholls


Miss Nicholls’ Carte-de-Visite (below) was taken by J Russell & Sons, 13 High Street, Windsor.  J Russell & Sons were a firm of portrait photographers from the 1850s – 1940s.

Agnes Nicholls__J.Russell and Sons


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