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  1. The Hudson was N7290 of 220 Squadron RAF Coastal Command. It crashed at 4.55pm on 8th November 1939 having stalled at 600 feet on its way back to Thornaby.

    All four crew were lost:
    Pilot officer Augustine Harold Jervis Ryan, aged 21
    Pilot officer Douglas Haig Robertson, aged 21
    Sgt Rex Mitchell, aged 24
    Wireless Operator Albert Wade, aged 26

    Although there were no fatalities on the ground, a fireman was injured tackling the resulting fire.

  2. Middlesbrough PC Arthur Anderson was cycling home when the plane flew over him, he remembered thing “that’s too Lowe” and turned his bike around to follow it, making him the first policeman on the scene (he was also by the station when it was bombed}

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