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  1. So interesting that Hinton’s had an ‘oriental cafe’ here, which opened in 1890 and didn’t close until 1967!

    • This store moved to Dundas Street in 1967. The Hinton’s brand continued until 1984, it then bought out and became the Presto brand.

      In 1986 the above building was under redevelopment work to become Midlands Bank but unfortunately a fire swept through the building, destroying the majority of the structure. This led to the external appearance being altered.

  2. I can recall coming across a comment when looking into the history of Middlesbrough, that when Amos Hinton relocated to this site, most other businesses in the town thought him mad for moving so far away from the town centre (old Mbro centre of course).

  3. I used to work here when it was converted to a Midland Bank. There were some very interesting remnants of the former Amos Hinton’s in the basement.

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