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  1. I have tried to find these two streets on a modern map, but to no avail. Where exactly were these two streets? Can anyone shed light on it for me please?
    Kind regards
    Ken Wiles

    • Looking down the st to the bend in the st to left finished up on Sydney St. At the junction if you turned right ,on the left hand side would be St Columbo Church, Cannon st ran from left Boundary road to right all the way to Newport Bridge. Eve St was the second st on the right on cannon St from Boundary rd, most of the Honeyman family lived in Eve St Louie and Bimbo where two I know. Ist on left was Adam St. Also Emily Bosomworth lived there in the 1950s

    • I sent a comment to this post yesterday, I dont know if it arrived there or no one has read it yet. The street looking along to the bend that goes left to a T junction, that is Sydney St, turn right and on the left is St Columbos church at the junction with Cannon st, turn right on Cannon st and that goes all the way to the newport bridge. From Boundary rd Sydney st is the first on the right, Eve st is second on right. First on the left is Adam st with a fish shop on the corner, second on the left I think was Dean st with Jack Turnbulls grocer on the corner. Then Denmark st, Volunteer on corner, Nelson st, Lees chemist on corner, Gladstone st, Turf hotel on corner,Lime st, Lord st. This was the area I grew up in.

  2. Hello Ken,

    Thank you for your enquiry. We have looked at a map from 1961, and Granville/Eve street are off Cannon Street (Towards Wilson Street). We have sent a copy of it to your email address.

    Kind regards,

    Middlesbrough Reference Library

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