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  1. It’s most likely that Tommy Meehan was my paternal grandfather. Despite both being married to other people, he was my grandmother’s ‘friend’ for many years. She had a copy of the booklet for this ceremony, still in family possession as well as many photos of them walking out together.

    • Tommy Meehan was my uncle Toms father. He was married only once as far as I know to a Theresa Cook of German origin. They lived in Alphonsus Street NorthOrmesby before my time. I am now 64. I heard it said that he had an ongoing affair with another lady for a number of years. I would more than likely recognise her name if told. Fortunately my uncle Tom who was a second father to me was a wonderful man who I loved dearly.

        • That’s the name I remember but never heard any whispers as a child that he had another child Cloak and dagger in those days

      • To Clarify, Theresa was born in Middlesbrough and was the daughter of German Parents who came over in approximately 1870, she married Tommy Meehan in 1810, and she was my Great Aunt, her brother Max being my Grandfather. Theresa died in 1947, so prior to Tommy being given the Freedom of Middlesbrough.

  2. My grandmother was Jessica Elizabeth Featherston nee MacPherson.
    I doubt if my father knew the truth, though he must have guessed. His mother’s husband, Charles Featherston, still used to try and visit my father and us, his children, so I doubt he knew either.
    Charles was never allowed in. There was talk of domestic abuse but I don’t know how true that was. I don’t know if Charles’ eldest son had any contact with his father.

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