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  1. It’s most likely that Tommy Meehan was my paternal grandfather. Despite both being married to other people, he was my grandmother’s ‘friend’ for many years. She had a copy of the booklet for this ceremony, still in family possession as well as many photos of them walking out together.

    • Tommy Meehan was my uncle Toms father. He was married only once as far as I know to a Theresa Cook of German origin. They lived in Alphonsus Street NorthOrmesby before my time. I am now 64. I heard it said that he had an ongoing affair with another lady for a number of years. I would more than likely recognise her name if told. Fortunately my uncle Tom who was a second father to me was a wonderful man who I loved dearly.

  2. My grandmother was Jessica Elizabeth Featherston nee MacPherson.
    I doubt if my father knew the truth, though he must have guessed. His mother’s husband, Charles Featherston, still used to try and visit my father and us, his children, so I doubt he knew either.
    Charles was never allowed in. There was talk of domestic abuse but I don’t know how true that was. I don’t know if Charles’ eldest son had any contact with his father.

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