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  1. Wow – memories ! I went there too. That was the school ‘Extension’ built at the bottom of Church Street, where I lived until 1966.

  2. Memories alright Susan. I was at Fleetham Street from about 1948/9 until 1955 when I went to High School. I was at the Extension down that little lane off Church Street too. I think there was a newspaper recycling place opposite. I have never forgotten Miss Gatenby who just seems to have been a born teacher. I have been in Australia for 55 years now but the old memories never die.

    • My old memories never die either … it’s the new ones I have trouble remembering these days !
      I was born in 38 Church St in 1955, so VERY handy for both the main school and ‘The Extension’. My brother Ray was born in 1952 and went to the same school. Miss Gatenby taught my brother, but I can’t recall her being one of my teachers – though she was still there when I was.

  3. Does anyone know the date of that picture or the names …some look familiar to me.
    I went to Fleetham Street from 1957.. I remember the extension well. Starkeys vets was behind it and you could hear the dogs bark.

  4. I’ve just remembered.. was that teacher Mr Vitty?… I remember Miss Gatenby with great fondness, she was a lovely teacher.

    • No that was Mr Morgan. I was at Fleetham Street 60 to 65. Yes that was the extension which I remember going to aged seven. Miss Gatenby lovely lady taught me in my 11 plus year

  5. I Was at Fleetham Street 1954 /55 always remember Miss Derbyshire Brilliant teacher
    and did my stint in the Prefabs down Church street , i was born 94 Union street even on my holiday i could never get rid of the school walked past it every day lol and could see it out of the front door , all changed when i went to Ayresome Happy days

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