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    • It’s definitely better than it having been knocked down though! I just wish there were more opportunities to have a look around inside without actually having to go clubbing.

  1. I was born and brought up in the street just opposite this magnificent building, Buxton Street which was demolished some years ago and is now a car park. I have happy memories of The Empire by going to pantomimes in the 1950`s, and my Mam taking me along to see shows as a kid. I remember seeing Eddie Calvert (the man with the golden trumpet) who had a hit with a tune called “Oh my Papa” and many others. I remember seeing a madcap Yorkshire comedian called Ted Lune. Being the younger of 5 brothers, they would tell me tales of some of the “Stars” of the early days rushing over to The Central pub for a quick half time snifter (Irish tenor Joseph Locke springs to mind). My older brother Stan remembered seeing Bella Lugosi (original Dracula) in Hintons, while appearing at the Empire, and still being a little frightened as he always dressed the part in a long black cloak ! As mentioned by an earlier contributor, it would be great to have a look around this building in the form of a guided tour. If there is any possibility of this happening I would be very interested. I`m sure Barry Faulkner or current owners would be approachable for this. I would also like to hear any other memories people may have.

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