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    • Hi Keith. Was it your Mam & Dad that had the fruit shop at Norfolk Place?
      If so you might remember me from playing cricket and football at the rear of the shops using the garage’s as goals & with cricket stumps painted on the wall behind the chemists shop.
      It was a good school to go to & I can remember making huge slides in the playground in winter.
      I can also remember going on a few school trips, to Ingleton Caves & a nightmare day out to the lakes where we went up Helvelyn and got caught in a storm, & everyone getting soaked through.
      If that happened today there would be hell to pay for not doing a proper risk assessment!

  1. These photographs look as though they were taken just as the school opened in 1954, as the grassed area to the playing fields shown outside the windows do not show the 5 ‘huts’, or prefabricated classrooms, that were added within a short time to accommodate the increasing ‘baby-boomer’ generation. I and many neighbouring children had attended Brambles farm School for 2yrs whilst awaiting the school to be built. I’ll always recall the warmth from the gas heaters and the smell of polish from the wood-flooring in those external class rooms on winter mornings -but they did ‘creak’ in high winds! I can also recall the final day in that hall, during July 1959, when our class presented headmistress Miss Hayes with a set of ‘china’ horses, and we all as 12yr olds then departed to our various secondary schools. Favourite teachers in my time there? They’d be, Miss Appleton and Mr Mazza. Wow! -60 years ago next year!!!

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