Alderman Richard Archibald (circa 1900)

Below is a photograph of Alderman Richard Archibald which was taken circa 1900.

Alderman Archibald was a Middlesbrough Councilor from 1872 – 1923.  He was Mayor of Middlesbrough in 1881.


Alderman Richard Archibald

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    • My great-great-great Aunt whom I knew reasonably well but my mother knew well grew up with Richard Archibald. I researched my family tree and discussed with her any queries and confirm that there is no evidence at all for an illegitimate son.

      • Hello Roger. I had been led to believe that Richard Archibald may have had an illegitimate son with Mary Nicholson in 1863 but perhaps, based on your information, this is not the case. Thanks for your reply and for clearing this up for me.

        • Phyllis,
          I would welcome any further information you are willing to share as of course families do not always openly bring such information to the table. He came to the town around 1862.

  1. Thanks Roger. I was under the impression that he had a son in 1863 with a lady called Mary Nicholson but I’m still looking for evidence of this. Maybe I’m following the wrong track or have the wrong Richard Archibald.

      • Hello Phyllis and Roger, I came across your posts by accident and am curious as to their origin. I’m aware of a few scandals in my family but have never heard a whisker of the one above. My knowledge of my great grandfather is that he was a pious/teetotaling Scot and infidelity seems somewhat out of character…..but if you find out anything further I’d be interested to know. I recently discovered that my paternal grandmother was a foundling….this was turned up by a researcher….and we never knew anything about that so I’m prepared to be surprised.
        Ed Hewines, Sydney, Australia

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