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  1. I liked the ABC. Something special about it. I’m almost sure I saw Star Wars and a few James Bond films at the ABC.

  2. ABC was taken over by Cannon cinemas in the 1980s. Cannon went bankrupt in the 90s and after a number of takeovers and mergers ended up being part of Odeon. The last cinema with the ABC name was in Bournmouth and closed earlier in the year when Odeon opened a new cinema in the town.

  3. My earliest memories of the AND were the Minor’s Club on a Saturday morning. It cost 25p for a full mornings entertainment in the 1970s. The first ‘grown up movie I watched was Elephant Man.

  4. I loved The ABC, Starting with the Minors Matinees on a Saturday, Following on through my teens and lying about my age to see The Haunting. In my late teens, I was appointed Management Trainee under Charles Watson ( Uncle Charles was now my boss ) One year Robbie The Robot drew the crowds ( Not all of them children ) and stopped the traffic. At that time, going to the cinema was a magical experience … You felt part of a family. The modern cinema experience with their 20+ screens lacks the personal touch of times passed by, they have become buildings lacking in soul. When I was child, there were 17 cinemas operating in Middlesbrough … I visited every one. Today only 2 of those buildings remain … The Hippodrome and my personal favourite
    The ABC which will reach the grand old age of 100 in 2023 … Neither of them should be lost to time …. Where would the Ghosts Of Cinema play should these great buildings be lost ?

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