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  1. Thanks Mr Kitching. This looks like the 1930s. The overhead tram wires which used to run across from The Crescent into Oxford Road have gone so this is 1934 or later. Nice to see that apart from the shop fronts and street furniture it looks pretty much the same today. Lots of nice details like all those bikes and the delivery van parked near the corner outside Pybus Bros shop. The smart building on the opposite side of Oxford Road where today you’ll find the Artizan Gin Bar was then owned by the Tollesby Farm Dairy Co.

  2. Additional to my earlier comment, zooming in I can just make out some tram wires so this photo may well have taken earlier than 1934.

  3. Thank you Mr Kitching for posting this photograph.I remember this parade of shops from the early 1960’s.Pybus’s was there with its wonderful interior of wood and brass and aroma of coffee sold in individual bags from a choice of many.The shops consisted of a ‘light’ shop for lamps, bulbs plugs etc,a wet fish shop,a florist,bread and cake shop(Sparks),a wool shop,Chemists(Mr Levy) and a Post Office/Art shop to name a few. The Dental Practice was on the next block on Roman Road(Woodiwiss and Garrity).

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