Poole Hospital Sanatorium (1939)

Poole Hospital Sanatorium (1939).  Photographs (4) of the Poole Hospital site under construction.

Poole Hospital Sanatorium (1939)


Photograph below:  Poole Hospital Sanatorium, Medical Superintendent’s House (under construction) (Oct 1939)

Poole Hospital Sanatorium, Medical Superintendent's House (Oct 1939)

Photograph below:  Kitchen Block, Poole Hospital Sanatorium (under construction) (Oct 1939)

Kitchen Block, Poole Hospital Sanatorium (under construction) (Oct 1939)

Photograph below:  Nurses’ Home, Poole Hospital Sanatorium (under construction) (Oct 1939)

In more recent times this building housed the South Tees District Health Authority Headquarters (DHQ).

Nurses' Home, Poole Hospital Sanatorium (under construction) (Oct 1939)

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  1. I was at Poole Hospital around 1958 for 3/4 months went to school and sat my 13+ exam there
    I rememer the a lake and the old boat shed where I fished . There was an old farm with out buildings a young boys dream coming from Bessemer Street Grangetown backing on to the steelworks , and suffering from asthma . I also remember a certain ward E I think where TB in the late stages where kept. We where not allowed near them , but waved to them as we passedI only remember 1 person from that period it was a girl Kathleen Ingedew she was 11or 12 and lived in the St Pauls area of Middlesborough regards Dave Simms P s I am now 76 , and lived in Australia for the past 32 years

  2. Hi, I-was brought up in the physician superintendent’s house which was built next to theA172 Stokesley Rd opposite Church Lane from 1954 to 1984
    It was called Poole House, my dad was one of the hospital chest physicians ‘Paddy Ryan’
    I feel very privileged to have grown up at Poole, it was a great community . Phil

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