Middlesbrough Little Theatre (undated)

These are images of a newsletter for the Middlesbrough Little Theatre, published by the Middlesbrough Little Theatre Company. The newsletter was used to keep their subscribers up to date on what was happening at the theatre, such as auditions, programmes of plays, and news announcements.

Middlesbrough Little Theatre

Middlesbrough Little Theatre

Middlesbrough Little Theatre

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  1. I think it is more likely to be 1977. I am on the photo on the front cover dressed as a Matador which I know was long before I met and married my first wife in 1979. My sister Jane Williams may be able to put a more accurate date on it as there is a report of the death of Mrs Brayne inside, and I know she lodged with Mrs Brayne for a while when she first married.

  2. I’ve just had a chance to read this closely. There is a reference to auditions for Harvey and the writer points out that it was last produced by the society in 1953/4 “exactly 20 years ago”. So the newsletter appears to be from 1973/4.

  3. Have just checked and Harvey was performed in the 1973/74 season, so this picture will have been from the 1972/73 season. Our Archivist is called Yvonne Cotton. We will take a look and confirm details.

  4. My lovely dad Lewis oliver is on this don’t know what year. But he started out with Bert woolly and his brother ken oliver. Lovely to see this x

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