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  1. hi there,
    so i`m doing some research into my family etc and i found a school report for my dad from this school in 1959/60, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me whether my dad is in this photo as i haven`t seen any photo`s of him as a child, and would be good to hear from anyone who knew him. its David Jobling.

    • Hello Kelly
      I was in the same class as David, I don’t think he’s on the photo, but neither am I. I remember him in the juniors. Did he live with only his mother? I seem to remember her being quite small. He was a challenging lad, always getting into trouble. I remember he and some other lads found some money about £5.00, a great deal in those days. They hid it at a builders near the school and spent a little each day on sweets. He passed the 11 plus and went to Brackenhoe
      Technical school newly built next to Bertram Ramsey & the high school. I ended up in his class 63- 64. Along with a teacher Mr Colligan, Marton road was closed. David thought he would push the new teacher, to test his limits, but came off worse, as he got a size 12 across his backside which propelled him across the classroom. I can still see it! That’s all I really remember. Is he still with us? I’d like to know if he remembers me

      • I am so sorry that I never seen your reply Paul..
        my dad sadly passed away in 1996 .. when he was at school I think he lived with sister Cynthia and Janet wasn’t born until the 60’s but I think a step sister Rita ( who I’ve only just been made aware of ) lived with them she was dads age.. his mum was short yes Margaret.

  2. Gosh – just spotted this and immediately recognised “the Hut” which was the reception classroom when I started school at Marton Road 60 plus years ago! I must have been in the year before this 1958/59. Mrs Sanderson was my first teacher. She had just come back to teaching after having a child and her son was in the same class as me.

  3. I started Marton Road School in the hut in 1961. I was born in August 1956. Stayed until I went
    to Bertram Ramsey in 1967 and left Bretram Ramsey in 1969 to go to Acklam High School.

    • Stuart
      You must have been the year behind me, the tall one in the picture. I too ended up at Acklam Hall and I left there in 1971 as we moved to Nottingham and then on to Uni . Did you ever knw the name of Mrs Sanderson or her son who was at the school?

  4. I’m in this Sharon Miller was Dodds middle row 6th from right, the hut Mrs Sanderson’s class about 1959 Marton road school, left in 1966 to go to Bertram Ramsey til 1971 good memories.

  5. The tall one third from left in middle row was me, Keith Williams. I lived in Wellesley Road and was at the school until my parents moved to Acklam in 1962 but my mum died Feb 63 and hence I could not remember any names (sorry). I was in the Boro until 16 at Acklam hall, probably the year ahead of Stuart above, then we moved away but later on my father having remarried moved back to Middlesbrough and so I visited quite often. I have a copy of this very picture

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