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  1. hi there,
    so i`m doing some research into my family etc and i found a school report for my dad from this school in 1959/60, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me whether my dad is in this photo as i haven`t seen any photo`s of him as a child, and would be good to hear from anyone who knew him. its David Jobling.

    • Hello Kelly
      I was in the same class as David, I don’t think he’s on the photo, but neither am I. I remember him in the juniors. Did he live with only his mother? I seem to remember her being quite small. He was a challenging lad, always getting into trouble. I remember he and some other lads found some money about £5.00, a great deal in those days. They hid it at a builders near the school and spent a little each day on sweets. He passed the 11 plus and went to Brackenhoe
      Technical school newly built next to Bertram Ramsey & the high school. I ended up in his class 63- 64. Along with a teacher Mr Colligan, Marton road was closed. David thought he would push the new teacher, to test his limits, but came off worse, as he got a size 12 across his backside which propelled him across the classroom. I can still see it! That’s all I really remember. Is he still with us? I’d like to know if he remembers me

  2. Gosh – just spotted this and immediately recognised “the Hut” which was the reception classroom when I started school at Marton Road 60 plus years ago! I must have been in the year before this 1958/59. Mrs Sanderson was my first teacher. She had just come back to teaching after having a child and her son was in the same class as me.

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