Last Lift of Newport Bridge 1990

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A photo of the last lift of Newport Bridge in 1990


Newport Bridge last raising of the bridge 18th November 1990

Department of Economic Development and Planning  Cleveland County Council


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  1. Thanks for this picture. I’ll be one of those over on the far side as sadly I didn’t get onto the lifting span before the gates were closed. The bridge sported this two tone green paint scheme from the mid 1980s into the 90s.

    Although it was painted in a single shade of green for the first thirty years or so, a two tone scheme has been a regular feature of the Newport Bridge. In the 1960s it was painted pale green and grey, followed in the 70s by red and white which is how I remember it as a kid. In the mid 90s it was two tones of blue, after which it returned to the original green. The present red and grey makes me quite nostalgic.

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