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  1. Can anyone tell me the location of Burgess Walk that is shown? I have several old maps of the Boro but none show this particular place & it has got me curious.

  2. Hello Malcolm,

    We have found a map from 1930 that shows Burgess Walk to be in between Croydon Road and Park Vale Road (Parallel to Lothian Road).

    Kind regards,

    Middlesbrough Reference Library

  3. Thanks for the information on Burgess Walk. No doubt it was a casualty of a road widening scheme for Park Vale Road?

    • HI MALCOLM,. no,.. although burgess walk looks different now ,its still there, its just grassed over , runs from port hole cafĂ©, to southfield rd garage..on marton rd corner..

  4. I lived on Croydon Road for 20 years but it never occurred to me until now to ask who or what Burgess Walk was named after.

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