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  1. It is good to see old photo’s of Brackenhoe, though it puzzles me why it is always listed as formerly Bertram Ramsey? It was originally Brackenhoe Technical School,( boys only) and only became Bertram Ramsey when it merged with Bertram Ramsey following the death of the headmaster (Mr Fish if memory serves) I was at the school from 1964 to 1969 and remember it fondly. The pictures of Mr Heseletine in the metalwork shop bring back good memories,as do the time spent doing tech drawing. Not so fondly remembered though are the memories of standing outside Joe Grierson’s office in the school entrance lobby for the cane. No surprises that there is no sign of Mr Bagley in the chemistry lab!

    • Hi Malcolm, I was in the same classes as you and also have some fond memories of the school. You are right about Mr Bagley never being in the classroom.

      • Hi Malcolm. I’m sorry but I can’t recall you from my school years, but I can only really remember about 6 lads I was in class with. Surprising really when I spent 5 years with around a class of 30 which remained constant throughout.
        Classmate names that come to mind are…..Ronnie Cuthbert, Tom McLellan, Ray Thomas, Andy Thomson, Terry Cassidy & Brian Snaith.
        Teachers I recall are Mrs Hodgkinson (English) Twizzle? ( Geography) Mr Cockerill/Sudron ( sports) Mr Shakespear (History) Mrs Batty ( music)
        It was a good school, & despite getting the whack a few times over the years it gave me a good grounding for the future.

        • I remember the classmates you mentioned apart from Terry Cassidy. Also remember Peter Sharp (Ena), Brian Kirkham, Geoff Williams. You may remember me as Monkey.

  2. You are partly correct Nick, Bertram Ramsey merged with Brookside around 1983 to become Brackenhoe secondary.
    My earlier comments are correct, Brackenhoe Tech was around long before that, my father and uncle both attended there before me & prior to it moving onto Prissick base. Joe Grierson made the comment when I turned up in his class “Oh god, not another one!”
    In 1968 my father’s cousin became a teacher at Brackenhoe Tech & later went on to marry a teacher from Brookside

  3. I went to Brackenhoe Tech in its first year after completion. Prior to that we were in Middlesbrough ajoining Hugh Bell School.

  4. I was there from 61-65. I agree with Malcolm and his comments. Bagley & Grierson were teachers to fear. The top photo is Mr McPherson the Tech Drawing Teacher, Twizzle was Mr Armstrong and he taught Geography. Mr Kitchen was RI but was easily distracted if you mentioned stamps.

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