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  1. What became known as “South Site” after Springfield and Southlands Secondary School amalgamated in September 1983 to become Keldholme School. Speaking old school, what was Year 1-3 in the 1980’s were based in North Site (the old Springfield Building), with Year 4-5 based in South Site. A footpath was laid between the playgrounds of both schools as during the day, as lessons on the school timetable (both staff and pupils) could be split between both buildings throughout the day.

    Three years after the amalgamation, South Site closed at the end of the academic year 1985/86 with all Keldholme pupils based at the old Springfield Site from September 1986. Keldholme School became Unity City Academy (UCA) in 2003 before a new school was constructed for UCA just next to the original building. The original 1950’s Springfield Building that became Keldholme North Site was demolished a few years later after UCA was formed.

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